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Suomalainen kirjasto sijoittuu korkealle kansainvälisessä vertailussa yhdenvertaisuuden mahdollistajana. Vielä ehdit lähettää valokuvan oman kirjastosi tavasta edistää tasa-arvoa ja -vertaisuutta Amerikan kirjastoyhdistyksen (American Library Association - ALA) maailmanlaajuiseen valokuvakilpailuun. Lähetä ehdotuksesi viimeistään 15. helmikuuta 2020 allaolevien ohjeiden mukaisesti.

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Call for Photo Contribution
2020 Best Practices from World Libraries Photo Gallery

The International Connections Committee (ICC) of the International Relations Round Table (IRRT) at the American Library Association (ALA) cordially invites you to contribute a photo from your library that best demonstrates ALA President’s initiative this year, “the value of libraries in promoting social justice and inclusion” and help us build the “2020 Best Practices from World Libraries” photo gallery.  The photos will be displayed via our websites, publications and/or social media outlets. Selected submissions will be physically displayed at the 2020 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. June 25-30, 2020.

The deadline for photo submissions is February 15, 2020.

Please use the Google submission form to upload your image.  

If Google account is not available, please email your submission to following the instructions, requirements and format below.

General Email Submission Instructions/Format

Email subject title should read: 2020 Photo Gallery

In the email, please provide the following information:

a. Project Title (a short title for your library’s project)

b. Library and its Affiliation (example: Fogler Library, University of Maine)

c. Library Location (State/Province, Country; example: Illinois, USA)

d. Library Type (select from the following: Academic library, Public library, School library, Special Library or other)

e. Project Description (in under 200 words, please describe why this project best demonstrates the value of libraries in promoting social justice and inclusion)

f. Project Contact Person and Email (preferred but optional; the contact information will be publicly displayed)

g. Preferred Attribution for the Image (name of image owner)

 *Image requirements: please provide the image with the highest resolution you have; a horizontal photo that is at least 5400 pixels wide with 300 dpi is preferred.

**Notice - With this submission, you grant the ALA, IRRT and ICC full permission to distribute, edit and build upon your work with attribution.

Additional questions regarding this contribution can be directed to the Chair of the IRRT International Connections Committee at