Olafur Eliasson: Earth Speakr library toolkit

„Earth Speakr“ on Olafur Eliassonin taideteos, joka on toteutettu yhdessä hänen studionsa, lapsien ja nuorten, luovan alan kumppaneiden, tieteilijöiden ja asiantuntijoiden kanssa. Taideteos on alkanut 1. heinäkuuta ja ottaa muotonsa kuluvan vuoden aikana - kiitos nuorten osallistujien ympäri Euroopan unionin. Saksan ulkoasianministeriö tukee projektia osana Saksan EU-puheenjohtajuutta 2020 ja se toteutetaan yhteistyössä Goethe-Institutin kanssa.

Libraries across the EU are bringing Earth Speakr into their programming to amplify kids’ voices. Share your library experience with #earthspeakrinlibraries #earthspeakr

Join libraries across Europe and bring Earth Speakr into your programming
to amplify kids’ voices. Earth Speakr can integrate into your library’s
general programming and specifically into activities for kids and families.
To encourage kids everywhere to speak up for the planet and to make sure
their messages are heard, Earth Speakr wants to partner with institutions
that value bringing art and culture to kids and learning from their unique
perspectives. Earth Speakr can be an exciting way for a library’s younger
visitors and families to explore creating content and sharing ideas. It is also an
opportunity for libraries to connect with the concerns of their communities.
Libraries bring together voices from all over the world and localise them, feed
curiosity, and inspire connection through ideas. These are all aspects that
Earth Speakr values!

Lena Kingelin